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Song Of Roland (Gothic Knights)

Twenty thousand Frenchmen lying in the valley Rear guard to King Charlamagne The great one among them Roland was his name Nephew of the Christian King But sad is the story that falls on this day For treason is at hand As Ganelon plots conspiracy A true evil man War is at hand Plotted by an evil man One who paid tribute to King Charlamagne Roland how sad Crossed by his own man Honor lies dead on the blood soaked land The Spanish come to ambush With soldiers left behind Come in masses unforetold One hundred thousand cross the line Death falls upon the Frenchmen A massacre of twenty thousand men Blood stains the ground And the entire land Roland sounds the oliphant calling out the armies That lie some time away The Great King hears the echo So he sends his knights back to Spain The vast and the powerful armies That were made of gold and steel Run back with honor in their hearts To the mighty King Charlamagne When he gets back to the valley He knows it's all in vain For Roland lies on the ground With a large wound in his head The Great King weeps in agony For the death of his warrior But now the wrath of vengeance Will take its final toll Munjoie is cried out as the army closes in Out to spill the blood of the Spanish King Munjoie is cried out as the army closes in To avenge the death and pay homage to their King Standing at the battlefield the King attacks Belignat Ripping his heart and skin The battle ends in glory as it was said in prophecy The trial of the wicked is at hand The most sinful crime of the land So death is the verdict's punishment And Ganelon pays for his sins