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That Evil Wizard (Gothic Knights)

That evil wizard, his crystal ball His kingdom in the sky, will it ever fall His power growing, knowledge divine Eyes of fire burning red, magic gestures beckon death Spell of madness inflicting pain, on the people insanity reigns Everlasting doom and pain, falling from dark skies of rain All the people bow their heads, in fear they know he's sending death They all look into the sky and see his evil gazing eyes Glaring down and piercing them, peering through their darkest sins In the day his image fills the sky, then he plays tormenting souls at night All will run but can never hide, on their knees they all beg to die He looks down at all the people that live upon the ground They are searching for a weapon that will never be found They are wishing to destroy him, break free from his spell He glares down at them in laughter, he knows they never will The people pray to their gods, stop that evil wizard's reign His power carries on Send us one to conquer him, end our anguish and pain That evil wizard, his crystal ball His kingdom in the sky, it will never fall His is all knowing, power divine He is eternal, he'll never die Little people are on the run, seeking refuge from that evil one From his madness and casting spells, there's no escaping their living hell They all beg and plead the same, but their prayers are all in vain That evil wizard knows what's next, on the people eternal death All will die ! Terror in the night ! All must die ! In this losing fight !