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The 13th Warrior (Gothic Knights)

Sailing on a sea of trouble, our backs are to the sun The thickest fog we've ever seen fell without a sound We're up against an ancient force that's never been brought down A tired king, a desperate land, broken and burden bound Forwarding into battle is when we come alive Sharpened swords and eyes cold as ice The fear we face we know we may not survive Only death can stop the fire burning in our hearts Stepping onto foreign sand A naked child runs our way bringing blood upon his hands An ancient evil that all men dread We hope and pray for the angel of death The night has come we lie in wait watching with all eyes The silence of the midnight hour waiting for a sign Shadows pass within the walls we never would have seen If not for the chosen prince the man from the east Caught out in the rain side by side we fight Letting all the hate the fury rise Driving hard as thunder cracks up in the sky Only death can stop the fire burning in our hearts Hunting down the enemy Beyond the cliffs we find the lair, the home of the beasts Walking in so silently They had no clue we walked among them dead in their sleep The light of day is here again The curse is lifted, now we set our sails to the west As we sail back home again We see the king sitting on his throne with sword in his hand