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The Omen (Gothic Knights)

Comets falling from heaven, Vatican hand trembles in write Archens cry from the mountain top, keys in the grip of angel five The darkest evil, this way comes, prepare for the night Infernal storm, straight from the east Wails from the pit, awaiting the feast Born not of the hand, but out from the fang The cross will cleave way for this predator of man Damien, Damien, Damien, portaci a casa Damien, child unholy Damien, fire! Fighting for souls as above so below, witness the birth child Wolves of the black commissioned by fate Shielding the son of the wild Out of the sea, the Hoar will rise and darken the skies Riding the storm, sent by the beast Souls of the saints, serve the demonic feast Cursed is man, this spawn of the fang Unleashing the wrath of the evil omen Damien, portaci a casa Damien, Damien, Damien Damien, child unholy Damien, Damien, Damien, fire Uovo del Demonio Innalzati vai avanti principe Afferma il tuo regno Stabilisci il tuo dominio sull' uomo Uovo del Demonio Born past midnight, to a mother, a jackal Priest slays the son of another Makes the switch and now begins the omen I have returned to claim my rightful throne A child of the night, I've come back to rule the light For those who kneel before me and pray For those in my way, now fear me Damien, child of the light Damien, evil hidden from sight Damien, spawn of the father who fell Damien, fire in his eyes