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War In The Sky (Gothic Knights)

The earth is barren sky is burning up with crimson red Heavens angels cry for glory swinging swords of pain Soaring voices rip the silence angelic bolting rage The end is near it's oh so clear the evil one will pay Eternal one will never die He's ready to fight Destiny calls only the strong will survive Evil calls oul to the legions of demons The sound of war will bring out the slayers of hell Wicked forms receive the calling bringers of despair Mounted on bubonic steeds they begin to take the air Eyes of fire wings of fury silver lances shine Soaring high and flying fast the dead begin to rise The battle cry swirling angels of fire Toll the bells that ring from the voices of hell Flashing lights of good and evil victory will cost The pounding of the iron anvil bringing down the cross Legions of the doomsday sire crying tongues of pain The war is done lord of the son forever we will reign Eternal one the champion will never die Ready to fight Destiny calls only the strong will survive A war in the sky