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Writing on the Wall (Gothic Knights)

Always faked around your symptoms What, can't you get out of bed Don't complain again to me you loser Your words mean shit to me I got sick and tired of your bullshit But now I'm on the mend Why don't you work you silly bastard Get up, walk out that door You aren't a victim of the system Join us now, you maggot One last chance you say To hell with you and your ways I will turn not to stare The path for me looks better Well, it got worse for you Now sit and rot in jail Now you pay the price It's all caught up to you A curtain call is all you'll ever be Your obsession It hurt an innocent mind A sick joke of your religion You just cackled and smiled Your life hangs by a thread Can you hear the violin You just twist the truth We judge what we see Your face will crack a mirror From memories of your crime Your future is so pathetic Justice served in style If you pause to think now you'll see you'll never win Don't kid yourself And forget to read The writing on the wall