Good Grief (Urban Dance Squad)

My style is triple, quadruple, damage for M.C.'s I make 'em huff 'n puff like mufflers for Meineke Human exhaust, you wanna g-get lost ? Rhymes plus Exxon ride brains like Alain Prost M.C. clowns, I blaze towns I dragwheel skulls, leave with speed 'n dust cloud All you monkeys, donkeys, alternative junkies I'm strictly T-rex, 'n my rap just crunch, see The jive 'n babble, throw heavy scrabble Sparkles plus the bubbles plus the flavor like Snapple All you so-called rebels heavy metal cattle Some horses got force but I simply tame with saddle Hunt a stunt like 'Red October', ain't crossin' over Oops ! scud scrub ? patriot makes pulver The music hits, fierce that it is Check the brothers in the crowd that 'hiss' Good grief Industry check to mac, and wanna know me I kick against control untamed like wild pony So holy like tony, attract like Coney Island My style man, don't need no master, flasher Test a prankster gangster like a Gat much faster Get the band aid, kid crunch hard knock I sport more techniques confidential than Fort Knox Sort of tool - Glock - automatic on the static Synthetic - plastic?- you stay ready with the casket I throw a style, freak wants to test it It's crazy mega fab, makes your hottie cheer I crush M.C. jaws who oughta be chandelier And drop the litter - on the quitter The survival-rival gets stronger Much fitter Worldwide you get served like stinky cheese More force than a sexual intercourse So M.C.'s please ! Brothers amaze - keep 'em all in a daze With the wild funk blaze Good grief One time for your mind now, as I climb now Step by step now, but Wagga Rep now I write flavor like I was Wes Craven People under my stairs steal like raven Black with beaks wanna croak when spoken to Some shitty nonsense beat, you gotta be jokin' too The rhyme enforcer, rhythm courser I 'spect you to respect with the force, well of course oh ! Don't give me the lip Like he thought that he could I frown on bullshit like my name was clint eastwood You come with fronts, stunts 'n poses I welcome you to my jungle Like my name was guns 'n roses I blast the sound, you check the sound You got to be down, you got to be down, like me, like Charlie Brown Saying good grief