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Pass The Baton Right (Urban Dance Squad)

Put sandbags and barricades Just to protect all I'm known to be the chunky lyrical shrapnell Ricochet, - what he say ?, get slain, won't say It another day Metaphore impact, chests cave in, big way Like 'death becomes him or her' Big hole unfold, unwise to wish the absurd Rappers can't take lyrical obstacles Estafette, you can bet my timing is phenomenal Steeple-chase with the bass, tempo, ain't a turtle He trips over pebbles, I take rhymes With the hurdles The title for grabs 'Cos of my time lapse Pioneers hear the cheers Of the bloodsuckin' peers Got to reach the peak supercrafty like cavalier He's fronting for conquistador but he's the devil here Made a perfect start and pass it to an allie See him on the tracks 'For the finish doin' shuteye Pass the baton right ' One two three four five senses working overtime ' How to freak the wild funk, line by line Heavy technique, make 'em catch for breath Rapstrangle from every angle, what's left Seen weasels fakin' 'cockdieselness' - whacker Take positions on squares like checkers, I'm the wrecker You must be down with jimi fakin' castles in the sand Tidal wave, sneak-a-peek on these whack bands The funny game's to catch that moneytrain Wesley plus woody, but you're not that goodie Go against the grain I'm a 'trekkie' doin' work like kirk fullthrottle Got the bends, bust some sense in heads with a bottle ! Cycle running in a threadmill, think that's classy? Pick up your face from the gravel, so bloody and messy Pass the baton right