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Never (Martinez Angie)

[Little Girl] and u will never break me til the day i die [Angie] yo every time i turn around they say how i deal with that weak shit i told yall of the stages i cant agree wit we showed yall, promoted yall on how to freak shit ... but here's a little secret...uh uh we still number one blazin hip hop and r&b quick cuz its simple and plain how can u sit and complain quick when we payed the way for u to get in the game chicks nigga's wuteva...its only the real that they recognize by the real and since u dont recognize u know the deal How i feel? I dont no emotionz get showed if anything i feel violated being that we been cloned reporterz quit, i dont get caught up in the mix 10 years deep, i wuz brought up in this shit OG , big truck series, the carz is gone any questions? ill be directing ur commentz to alkatron...sing that shit a primitive mind is all i all i eva had and u will neva break me til the day i die My reputation and my name is superb now add that with animal house and a flow thats like rain down a curb Cuz I , write a verse and I change a few words , edit and perfected it .. and and... Im still on the air about the dough be clear , u gotta go each year we lock and load beware im outta control animal mode will let u know not to hand me no goal everything i write hot like mah hand on a stove the answer is no, bullshit dont effect me like a die hard knicks fan so na mas if's and's I could show u how power shit get ran and I cant get budged cuz when ur best friend is the jury bottom line is u cant get judged and that last line when ova ya head so u'll prolly neva know til ur dead eitha way wut i said iz real , sing a primitive mind is all i all i eva had and u will neva break me til the day i die uh yo uh.. and im not bein cocky cuz i work mah way up and even tho it hurt neva gave up went from handin out fliers to number one major.. i dont respond back im about dollaz, hold ur 2 centz saved up dropped mah first album neva rocc in mah life did everything on mah own wrote the songs, hit the mic get the beats all nice stayed up got it right minimal help, felt alone now u got a problem right ? cuz its animal house , the team iz here its a new day with me this year be clear , im focused best coaches , way too many peeps pro to machines and way to much heat still grounded neva been way up in the sky workaholic still spend days inside angie u could neva break me , i move wise and thats til the day I die , oh my god a primitive mind, is all i all i eva had and u will neva break me til the day i die