What's That Sound (Martinez Angie)

[Intro: Angie Martinez] [laughing] Whoo! Cool-a-Dre baby Oh! [laughing] It's club but it's still sexy Hey! life is good Yea, uh, uh, uh, yo What is that? [Verse: Angie Martinez] What's that sound? If you outside the club, and your joint c'mon You just pop the truck Pull the car up and the line is packed, and you far You tired a' waiting, you better be catch a charge like "Move bitch, get out the way", flash the bouncer to get out a payin' And that sound make you wanna get on stage Oh, you gotta' "move dem thangs" Beat change, it's a Cool-a-Dre thing That'll move your thang thang, remove your ring change the sound Get your jewels all sweated up, the booze is deaded up Anything goes bring it back, if you just catchin' up The sound coming outta' the club - that's wassup! And they let you up, finally, dancing it up Movin' aroung, DJ Keith - I need that sound (da-mn) [Chorus: Angie and Missy] That new shit, that hot shit Make you move shit - what's that sound? That move crowds, that new sound Make you can kick down - who's that chick? That's Angie, them bambi's Screamin' Angie - what's that sound? [Missy:] And this Missy gettin' tipsy off the wiskey [Verse: Missy Elliot] 2002 be sceered, cause I'm runnin' this shit this year Haters 'n haters you better be clear Or you'll be kissin' my pussy on the rear What I'm talking 'bout, with my filthy mouth, from the Dirty South Is a drug-drop, c'mon check me out Ain't nobody does it easy-seezy And ain't nobody got the dick to sling me (owwww!) God damn, what's that sound? Didn't I tell you I'm about to shake it down I'm no punk, but a killa like Cam Get on the flo', yes yes mam When I show up the club get cram Insecure bitch watch yo man! Me and Ang like butter on toast I don't mean to boast, but we do [Angie:] I need that - yea [Chorus:] [Verse: Angie Martinez] Hello-oh? oh that's my ears ringing I'm sitting here thinking that sound is still bangin' As we leavin' the spot I'm still drinking Gotta' leave cause the cops are still waiting So we circle the block, as we workin' to blot Then purposely watch - we so blingin' And the truck is bright, light up the night Blinking, as we stuck in the chair feel like we sinking That sound still drowned the air waves The echo in my head feel like a bear cave So I sit back to the sound of this track Playin' on my way home - I can't forget that That beat when you hear from the street Make you wanna get on the floor and don't even speak Cause it don't even matter who be around Get.. and that's DJ Keith - playin' that sound (I need that) [Chorus:(2x)]