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Biomech - Vals No. 666 (Allegaeon)

State of condition comatose burn victim The deaf blind paralyzed blight Pure decision to end the suffering of those That cannot win the fight So what'd you do, so what'd you do With your god the fat you chewed And from his silence to your faith infer To split the hair and watch them suffer And still, you say "you're playing god" "in the name of god" "for the love of god" ...goddamn you Opposition to prolonged life decision By the man who calls himself right Holier than thee, you go breaking your creed Solely perceived on your false insight As her eyesight fades In the dark she'll curse your name His hearing dissipates Now in silence he'll curse your name The man under a bullets reign They will all curse your name The child defaced by flame They will all curse your name Time passes and the nation of god refuses time is wasted on a contradicting point They taste their flexible morality and choke on the bitter reality State of affliction derails your conviction By the man at first who wasn't sold Your position faces the opposition Now a victim of your misguided mold