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Seven Stop Hold Restart (Bear Vs. Shark)

You need a gun and a signal for vultures You need a net to catch all that you're seeing Floors long enough to scrape all of your knuckles To the bones and then back home This is a fence line for scarecrows and buzzards And all the books that you're reading and reading Department store mistakes all of your worries away the city tallest drink couldn't make up your pavement This hill has pipes coming out of its sides With concrete poles down holes to shake your ass to the concrete sound And downtown the people is moving and moving, I'll never know what is held onto And I am nine years old with short legs and all Late at night, calling to get some prices well I got a bright idea for you It's in the smoke alarms and all these things on my ceiling We could use more up there they work out really well These are the pants that fit me, these are the suits on hold I want to move to your town, jump and really smell the people running around Baby, if you want to, you can swallow me bones and all Your golden tongue was disconnected with one sound