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Control All- Delete (Dystopia)

Save me from my humanity Save me from my human self I will submit to computer god And give myself away to you Double click for friendship Double click for love Salvation is under my palm Click here for serenity Double click for security Bliss was here all along Blessed with this new gift Bestowed onto me Everything I want Within my grasp Nothing but self Is sacred to me Click here for power Click here for sex Email to make sure I keep all my friends Double click for comfort Double click for all Cyberlord you heard my call Giving a window for them to look through Sacrifice privacy, all that you do How you live and what you think Delete your freedom Click by fucking click Click here Click here for all life to fall Click here Click here for the enslavement and death of us all Delete environment Delete the mind Humans will kill themselves given the time Cries of "what happened?" Or did you forget? Your fingerprints are human And you are a piece of shit