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Hands That Mold (Dystopia)

Hands that kill mold illusions of peace Their fucked up psuedo security Destroy to give birth to technology To quickn the killin of yo and me and him and her Blind. us humans think we are so smart Creating challenges How. our sky bleeds in your hands Its nothing Build and build and build some more Industry fucks nature like some kind of whore Quest for invention intelligence gone too far Sythetic environment were doomed from the start And i guess were all gonna die (my home) And take everything under th sky (is nothing... to you) Skies they bleed infecting the land Oceans they vomit onto the sand Wind so foul, a putrid reek Animals they scream in disbelief And i guess were all gonna die (our lives) And take everything under the sky (are nothing... just Used) Humanicide // humanicide Black trees, dead seeds, dirt weeds How much longer do we have? Humanicide Human beings should have never evolved at all Your heart... your heart as cold as the concrete that You lay Your mind... clouded with the polution that you make Hide... lies... from all of us, the ones you have Chosen to die Smother our earth, blacken our skies Your quest for progess, convenient demise Man... kind... to whom are you kind The peace that you mold is a lie, all lies Our lives float rejected down the stream They are nothing, not you or me