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Illusion Of Love (Dystopia)

Love your god. God loves all So called "love" is so confused So called love starts all wars... racism... genocide Jesus, fuck your love Based on a book with no interpretation Liar, user, faker Use this tool to rape and fuck this nation America, where's your love? Show your love with the deaths of many? Country founded on the bloodshed. Keep the masses fighting over money Fuck you. You're a lie and I won't be part of it Trust you. I will not bow. I've seen too much to ever fucking love you Faith built on other's pain Christian: another way of spelling genocide Conquest: the name of god Nation: controlled by the moral right Based on all that is wrong Love for country, love for system So called "love" is so confused So called love murdered million, justified The death of your song And you'll never be happy Fuck your love Jesus, fuck your love, and the USA Nailed to your cross, it should have been a dollar sign We can't be part of you, hate all that you do No love I can see, for god or country.