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My Meds Aren't Working (Dystopia)

My body still clings to life Only my spirit has died inside. (so I pray) I pray for death every night But I keep waking up alive I cut myself for infliction And I still spit at my reflection I hate everything I am I have my friends to think for that So I keep taking my meds And I do what my doctor says. I hate myself more everyday. I guess I'll always be this way I've learned that love is dead And that people just get fucked instead And all the while making friends Just to fuck them in the end Everyone I touch infects me Cancer in flesh there is death all around Everyone I touch, I infect them Black and dead is my heart Alone, I'm not good when I'm alone I pace and tear at my skin and my hair Burn myself for some relief For a sick fucking joke of a life The punchline is when I die And come back as me for eternity Just to fuck up everyday? And fail the ones that I love by being alive I don't know who I am anymore A parasite in human disguise? Searching for a piece of shit with all of you maggots and flies Everyday I feel that I just can't do anything right I'm sorry if you know my name I probably fuck your life, goodbye