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Population Birth Control (Dystopia)

malignant cancer of the ecosystem gnawing at a mother children she loves cankered womb and body nurtures a pathogen that feeds too much no respect for life endless degredation of the whole environment generalist species adaption comes so easily feeding on all that lives theres no end to what it eats withstands natures forces affluent where ever it lives ending symbiotic relationships it takes and takes and never gives slowly spreading the cancer leaving scars erected buildings and industry aviation freeways and cars no respect for some all for profit mentality the end of earth has begun the tumors feed and grow all the land turns to stone biodiversity reduced from a parasites abuse the airs not safe to breathe no more oceans push bodies on the shore ecosystem that was built poisoned by a mother milk and there is nothing it cant endure every sickness theres a cure consuming all that exists blackened brown beauty drowns in cicts a mothers body covered in sores a putrid odor reeks from pores with her fever running high human dont die off we fucking multiply we are hazardous to all life population multiplies nothing kills us in the end this blight abominations genocide total annihilation of human parasites world healing chemotherapy put an end to natures blight famine mass starvation limiting factors of our own natures savior human error population birth control