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Circle Around The Sun (Poi Dog Pondering)

My ghost is everywhere here It hangs on every tree Lingering with every flower and leaf, smell of scent and sight and sound These are calling cards from another time Familiar days and forgotten phases, like water trickle down down down Time is an ocean, and I'm set to swim and I'm tumbled by her. Circle around the sun, turn turn turn Someday my turn will come Stretched by time and torn by fate I'm held together by the flesh of faith Pushing up I hope for the sun, but I'll take the rain with what all it comes I walk and my feet roll, arms sway side to side, to and fro Who am I to try to guide my life? Like the tribes that came before us, and all the kings and queens and our ancestors, through the centuries... Through the birth of a child, I return the gift that was given me The wind on the skin, and the pull of gravity. Circle around the sun, turn turn turn One day my turn will come I'm living every minute and dying every day I hope my heart is in the right place