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Postcard From A Dream (Poi Dog Pondering)

Before your lights quite fail And you fall spinning singing from the same song Pass your hand before me Palm shining, light streaming Speak to me your lips touch Crackle light water spilling tumbling down Sing to me lull softly call quiver Dream to me like a flame flicker Shimmering Shimmering mirage like vision of tranquility Honeyflower sing suckle oh so sweetly call to me lure linger please lure linger, lure linger Cover me with youre hands unfolded wrapped around, held like a ball Think of me -- put all your self inside me Then send me spinning into the sun Dreams drempt and thoughts thunk Tooth brushed and watch wound Before toast and tea Before toast and tea "Breakfast!" Good morning everybody, The sun is up and there's lots of toast and jelly Wash Wash, you gotta wash the dishes If you're gonna eat upon 'em, ya gotta wash 'em. You can get it if you really want, you gotta try hard, try hard (P.S. Keep on the sunny side)