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From The Heart (Career Soldiers)

For what it's worth this means everything to me More than I can put on a lyric sheet When thing finally start to get better I'll be there for you - WE'LL BE THERE TOGETHER! All the memories we've shared, yeah I remember While so many gave up, we said never surrender Whatever tomorrow bring, we're in this together Cause in a world of shit - THIS IS FOREVER! What we lack in talent, we make up in sincerity I swear to you I mean every word I scream I know in my heart with every beat This fire won't burn out and this feeling will never leave Scream from the heart, scream together And keep on screaming because this is forever Scream from the heart, scream together In a world of shit - THIS IS FOREVER! Turn the amps to 11, scream 1, 2, 3, GO! Keep on playing cause that's all we know Empty pockets with nothing to show Dead end youth with nowhere to go For my friends who I know that are true Fucked up kids who were born to lose If we have nothing in this world, we'll still have our friends If there's one thing that I know, we'll be there in the end TODAY, TOMORROW, AND FOREVER FROM THE HEARTS THAT ARE BEAT DOWN AND WEATHERED THIS SOUND YOU HEAR IS FUCKING REAL, THE ONE THING THAT'S MIND YOU CAN NOT STEAL!