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Loss Of Words (Career Soldiers)

We've been fooled again with smoke and mirrors They'll question your safety and play on your fears Same old game of wrong vs. right Same old hook that again we bite You think we'd learn, but it just gets worse I'm at a loss of words A voice of reason will never be heard I'm at a loss of words History repeats itself Armageddon, straight to hell Different players but the same game Same script with different faces and names The poor die while profits are gained Real people suffer and are left with the pain It's an endless war with no peace in sight We always need an enemy and evil to fight Rallying patriotism and silencing dissent A flood of propaganda to forget our discontent I don't think we'll ever understand War can never bring peace It's and endless cycle of hate Creating new enemies Our blood, their blood, it's just as red Just or unjust, innocents are just as dead We've seen it before and I'll tell you what's next More pain, more lies, and more death