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Passion For Destruction (Career Soldiers)

Everywhere I go, I see nothing as positive This is my life this is how I live All I see is negativity The entire world trying to enslave me What do I do with such anger and rage? I feel like an animal trapped inside a cage That won't let me out, I can't liberate myself From this horrible world, please let me out Passion for destruction There's a difference between existing and being alive Passion for destruction Let's create something new and take back our lives I can't stop sinking I'm at an all time low My depression and rage it's beginning to show Once your in hell, and finally start to see what's real You'll start to understand how we feel I have no more faith in the human race Everywhere around me is eternal waste I see the world corrupting in front of my eyes Keep it going like this, and everybody dies No gods, no masters Take our lives back from the fucking bastards No slavery and poverty that makes us die faster