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Canopies And Drapes (Emmy the Great)

I wanna see you tonight What's the point? All we do is fight I've loved you So long I don't know who I'd be without My head hurts I wish I'd never woke up I feel worse Than when S Club 7 broke up I hate the day It hates me So does everybody else I sit here drooling on my own again And like a routine episode of Friends What does it mean to be American? Is it Feelings, coffee and I'll be there for you? Later on me and a bottle will hook up to have some fun Then I'll call your house at twelve to let you know That I'm drunk Say I'm sorry Mr C, I was just looking for your son How are you, incidentally, do you know if he's out Alone? There is this book he lent to me something like seven Months ago I'm gonna burn it in the street be so kind as let him Know That I'm dealing With this badly And Could he please get back to me? Since you've gone my only friends are Billy Bragg and The Jam Though my time with you has got me feeling oh so k.d. Lang I think you're right about the New Kids on the Block And I agree now Billy Joel does not rock Wish I could tell you all the things that Woody Allen Helps me see How Annie Hall is starting to seem quite a lot like you And me It took a while to come around to David Bowie's new CD And it's much too late to give back your Magnetic Fields EP Can I keep it By my pillow? Fucking loved it How I long to tell you so When I get to sleep I'll dream again of canopies and Grapes And wake shaking from the knowledge that the mattress Holds your shape I assume my phone is dead because it hasn't rung for Months If tomorrow is the funeral do you think that you could Come? I could give you back your music and your t-shirts and Your socks Walk to Jazz's house in SOHO cry into her letter box Spend some time out to resuscitate my soul Take up smoking and drink carrot juice and grow Teach the mattress to expel you from its folds Then dry my eyes and keep on walking til the motion Makes me strong Until one day I realise I don't remember that you're Gone We'll be strangers Who were lovers I'll recover It's so weird how time goes on