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Paper Trails (Emmy the Great)

I've gone as far as I can go The rest you must do alone With your pants around your knees You said "don't leave me please" But this is as far as I can go And so I swivel on my heel And soon the green becomes the grey Now that my sister's cleaned my car I can depart from where you are I never liked the country anyway The birds they steal things from my sleep They sing the promises I couldn't keep Last night I dreamed the alphabet Out of my voice, all pretty plastic shapes Muted microphones Turned in my hands to ice cream cones And the silence was all syrupy, all candy, tarts and Cake The sad curl and shine of baby spit And a secret trail that leaves beyond a tick Oh, the sad curl and smear of baby spit I said "yes" but I did not agree to this Last night I dreamed of paper trails Dolls without faces joined infinitely with fingerless Arms Blank as the air was dead and sound is chasing the Stillness all around Is choking the vibrations Beady little tales of sewing needles and ball of string Tear them apart and make them sing Of sewing needles and ball of string My useless heart, a wedding ring Apologies are boring and they're trite But if desire, I will see what I can find As soon as the concrete comes into view Pencil to paper we'll move for you Squeeze our time together to lines and lines and lines Of fifty words Across the page Big decision all contained in a phrase I know I promised you all along Forgive me please for I cannot