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We Almost Had A Baby (Emmy the Great)

Well you didn't stop When I told you to stop And there was a month That I wasn't sure The next time I saw you Out on the river I'd have something to say Other than "pay me all of the money you owe" I would have liked to To have something above you To have something to hold And know I could choose to grow I would've called you And I'd have said "hey You know I'm in control I'll let you know if you have to come and choose a name" Well, I am a woman But before I met you I was only a kid You know When you thought you would break me But you wanted to take me So you did. And I will think of you now That we are apart I've put my hand across my gut I plan to beat it with a heart I'm not the girl you remember from the start I was only a baby Now I'm what you made me For once, you hit the spot Twice, you let it fall And once I tried to make a light To keep myself in yours Do you think of me When you are playing?