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Tether (Harmer Sarah)

Living this close to the road You'll question your vulnerability Got the curtains closed and there's nothing For those bold coyotes to see Just an airplane in the sky That I hear high up the chimney And the lonely cold coming up To find a warmer place to be After that Christmas I think that I might sleep The whole new year Maybe see if in the spring I come in for an afternoon glass of beer You know I always thought That there'd be lots to talk about But I never see you and I still look when I go out Always so much that feels undone and waiting A pocket that's gaping threads to weave On the top of a pile another melody is aching For a few pretty words to let it be Simple tether hold this together At least to one place So the feelings can't escape into the air 'Cause if they do we won't remember that they were even there And filled a moment that we had to spare