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Sybil Vane Was Ill (Girl in a Coma)

She won't mind they always said a women's touch can cure no man in beauty lies a sticky game without your words you are nothing Sybil vane was ill and she knows now that shes falling and she will say to you i'll better prove myself try to hide all your sins write a letter to make ammends but shes not that tough to let you roam around her she is gone...but you. you are the greyest of them all yeah you...your boastful tounge has bit them all and after all was said and done the pleasure was all yours to run you dragged her down and said oh you are such a fool where's your stamina at?she says it's lost in you you showed her life beyond acts and now she lusts for you oh there was no fair warning no there was no fair warning but her heart it just stopped and you grow weary of nites crawling deep into your breathless eyes made you soon realize that sybil vane she spoke no lies