PMW (All I Really Need) (ASAP Rocky)

All I think about is life, nights, sippin' on Sprite Little codeine, nigga get throwed right Two blonde dykes wanna kiss all night I just pray to God that the shit go right Little argument, and their fists don't fight Fuck a dog ho and the bitch gon' bite A$AP nigga, sip Cris all night So them R Kelly hoes gettin' pissed on twice Damn, how a young nigga get so nice? Young nigga cold like he sittin' on ice Fuck broke, tryin' to be rich all life I could've been a criminal and just rolled dice My nuts hangin', my top back Hoes screamin' that Pac back Throwin' Westside, bandana tied A$AP life, gotta Pac tat Harlem world my whole block strapped Hoes all on my jock strap My whip white but my top black And my bitch white, but my cock black Purple drink, got that Tell these hoes all to twerk somethin' Bounce on me, bitch, hurt somethin' Tell her pop that pussy like it's worth somethin' So shawty, she a stunna' and daddy, he a runna' Be that pretty mothafucka, you could call me what you wanna Cause I'm in love with that ass, she in love with the cash So she shakin' it fast and then makin' them stacks And I'm takin' it back and I'm takin' her back To the house just to bust in her mouth and I'm kickin' her out How 'bout me and you and you and I Take a ride to make this high On and on and on and on On and on and on and on So I say Pussy, money, weed (Yeah) Pussy, money, weed (Y-yeah) Pussy, money, weed (Yeah) That's all a nigga need (Y-yeah)