Suddenly (ASAP Rocky)

I swear this famous shit just happened overnight For sho’ these hoes was so uptight but now they so polite All I see is fake love, smiles, and overbites But I’m pimpin’ nigga, Dolemite I remember when I was like ten, maybe nine Ricky had a deuce-deuce two shotti pumps with a baby nine Busta had the rhymes, Puffy had the shine Bone thugs had more thugs but that was the shit that made me rhyme Wassup, what’s on your mind? Hol’ up, I’m feeling fine Locs got me blind, thuggin’ like I’m Eazy-E up in his prime Another young nigga with a attitude I guess that’s why the practice kept me after school Roaches on the wall, roaches on the dresser Everybody had roaches but our roaches ain’t respect us On the park bench playing checkers, sipping nectar Girbaud jeans with hologram straps and reflectors We had cookouts and dirt bikes and dice games and fist fights And French fries and shootouts like one cig with two rounds And click left two down, that’s four kids but one lived Left three dead, but one split, that one snitch That’s everyday shit, shit we used to that Add it up, do the math with your stupid ass Don’t view me as no conscious cat, this ain’t no conscious rap Fuck the conscious crap, my mac’ll push your conscious back I do this for my culture, penny, nickels in the sofa Mommy watching Oprah, daddy in the kitchen whipping soda Cook, connect, then Sosa, Spanish chick by Ola hit it in the chocha With the Testarossa, hit Daytona, fuck the law, we soldiers I’m bout it bout it, nigga ain’t shit sweet about me The baddest bitches on the block be even speakin’ bout me I’m so thuggish ruggish bringin’ ruckus knuckin’ if you buckin’ Young and thuggin’, buggin’ showing out in public, but you love it I only got one vision, that’s for kids in every color, religion That listen, that you gotta beat the system, continue to fuck up the prison They try to blind our vision, but we all got children and siblings You my brother, you my kin, fuck the color of your skin Back once again, chilling in the back of the ‘Lac with a pass or the gin Finna ask can I pass to her friend, then a nigga smash, I’ll be damned if I ask her again Gold slabs on the ‘Lac when I spin, then it’s back to the back of the Benz, lean back in the back with the Henn And a crap when I tap that that then attack, never tax, never that that, max on the ends, spend ends I remember way back when, a mothafucka used to have to borrow cash from my friends, friends Just to put a snack up in the fridge, when I’m on, I swear to God I’ll pay you back Now the kids all look up to me, them bitches wanna fuck with me My idols say what’s up to me, from ug-a-ly to comfortably Suddenly It all changed man It was just like yesterday Times was so ugly And now I’m comfortable I just only can thank God Suddenly Everything changed before my eyes By my surprise A$AP