Take Me With You (Dima Bilan)

Everybody's got a fantasy Part of being where you are For every action there's a price to pay So am I paying for it now? See what I mean? But I can see it Keep on holding onto me Is this how it's meant to be? Ref. Take me with you Take my heart and let it stay Take me with you I got no one else to say It feels like I'm dying When you walk away Take me with you Take! Me! With! You! I'm not so mad about that act of love I'd really love some time to change But I can't stand to feel that pain of love I guess I got myself to blame See I need to breathe? To make me feel the way My body doesn't need The warmth of your release Ref. This is to the side I've cried upon Do you think that you can put this all behind you? We'll never go back to the way it was Maybe I'm still holding on To a part of you that's gone And now it's time to move on Then take me with you!!! Ref x 2.