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Always Something (Woodward Lucy )

Sometimes when you're lying beside me In your eyes I see I don't know but it's something it's something And it's trippin' me up again It's like you're here but you're not here I need to know where But you won't let me go there Always telling me it's nothing it's nothing Well I had a vision Of a lover in my best friend It's not like me to question Something always gets in between It twists and it turns You know that it seems to me Latey I'm so unsure I can't put my finger on it on it Stange feeling ripping at the seams And I've never heard the sound of my heart breaking Like this before Before there was always something Think back on the days when We were falling It was so good then Never worried 'bout a thing, no nothing Well it's funny how things change Now a cold wind is blowin' And I was hoping it's not the start of a bitter end Could it be that your something Is someone else Only time will tell I thought I knew me so well I shouldn't put me through this hell Something's always getting in between And it's always rippin' at the seams Something's always messing with my vision [Chorus]