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Is This Hollywood (Woodward Lucy )

August, no clue, 2002, I didn't see coming, even when I came, I got what I asked for, 3000 miles and no more wondering, If I need a change, Ain't it strange, Is this Hollywood? 'Cause I feel a bit displaced, But I kinda like it, Oh I just know it's gonna be good, I've already decided, yeah, I wouldn't leave it if I could, Disoriented as I am, Is this, is this Hollywood? The waitress knows my story, 'Cause I'm here every single morning, She calls you New York, I tell her you're long gone, And you're easy to forget, How lucky can a girl get? The outta site works a charm, Ain't I strong? And you know it's time, I can always change my mind- okay, I can come and I can go, That's all I need to know- today And my eyes are buggin' yeah, I got a brand new neighborhood that I'm really loving, Oh I wouldn't leave it if I could, Disoriented as I am