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Trust Me (You Don't Wanna See This) (Woodward Lucy )

Please just let me stray, Look the other way, I gotta do this alone, 'Cause I'm the only one here, Don't misunderstand, You're the perfect man, But I'm not ready to go, And settle down with you, So close your eyes, Close your eyes I'm not who you think I am, Let go, get out while you can, Trust me, you don't, You don't wanna see this, I'll be trying everything, Knee deep into anything, Trust me, you don't You don't wanna see this I can't help myself, I feel like someone else, You're gonna thank me someday, I'm saving you the heartache baby, If you're still around, While I'm slowing down, I might follow you home, But don't wait up for me, Don't put up a fight, Please don't kiss me goodnight, This was hard enough to say, No, you can't change my mind, Don't even try it [CHORUS]