Dark Side Of Mind (Afterworld)

Waiting for the sunset, hiding from the light, that`s the way I survive here. Painful memories, coming to my mind, soon I`m thinking nothing more than fear, again...Dark side of mind! Darkness now surrounds me, it`s peaceful everywhere, time to make your nightmares come true. Alone without hope, stranger with no face, there it is, a target to be doomed, again...Dark side of mind! Falling out of my dreams, suffering every day Hearing the voices of pain, finding the right way Feeling the rage deep inside, oh-what should i say? Keeping those thoughts in my mind, can someone delay-the dark side of mind My mind keeps growing stronger, I don`t know what is real The air is getting warmer, I`ll have to take the deal Tonight I`m making my move, the fear goes just too deep I shouldn`t follow the evil, but I am just too weak Falling too far, suffering every day Hearing too much, finding the right way Feeling nothing, what should I say Keeping those thoughts in my mind, can someone delay-The dark side of mind