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Nothing To Lose (Afterworld)

There are certain issues in life which are not pleasant. These issues however are the ones you have to deal with. Sometimes you fail to handle these things and eventually you'll find all of them in front of you. As you find yourself facing overwhelming odds, you can only start it all over again. You have nothing to lose. Here we go again, thinking of our wasted lives The die is cast, rolling merry hell... The times are tough in here, there's no one really to be blamed Time after time, the same old curse runs against us We are the one's who didn't see to the future We only lived one day at the time Too much to do, too little time to think it Now 's time to pay the bill's we ignored It's time to go, and compensate for the bad deeds from our past Tonight, the time has come It's time to feel, all the things we never really cared 'cos there's nothing to lose " It`s your life, do what you can, try to pull it through, 'cos there's nothing to lose..."