A Milli Freestyle (Lil Mama)

"Aye yo Wayne? I must be a goblin Cause they say humans can't live without they heart, they took my mama, let's go! " Who say what? say what? say no! I go's in like Pac, J so hold up, the Carter's here? I go's in like Pac, J, so Carter! Better ask my father been doin this since younga den all ya'll rappers who tried to test me? I would dismurder all ya'll I will destroy and won't miss when I murder all ya'll I'm givin new life to birth I'm a hit controller No I'm the birth of hip hop I'm a birth controller Creation and reputation is of the worst of all ya'll I am despicable been this way since lit-t-le Why u think I dress in baby clothes like my sister do They ain't make my bot-t-le Hungry so I'm robbin you Crawlin on the floor -eatin rappers like goblins do- Look. see I, must got 3 eyes & neva put that gun up in a stash like T.I. Picked on pen like a bully outta rehab And stayed up on my grind like that table pepperica rica Now Let me get up out my play pen Show ya how to skate when skatin Call me the train's mrs. or you can call me the train's men cause I ride tracks like old men And I'm in it to win it I said that I'm in it I wrote I wrote I wrote it I walk it I talk it I'm focused gotta stay focused Who who want what with me L.I.L like Weezy be Even though it took some time to hop up on this Weezy beat I had to get my head right Momma said say it once But think twice Always on time like empire state buildings gon pay my; oh my! And Weezy baby cause we spits that just go crazy... If ya know ya flow is lazy step it up like that new movie... cause... Beats is born not made and the shade we lay in the sun we go's crazy! ever seen I am legend? once you're a beast you're always beast! Ever heard I am legend well listen what I do to beats! Call me snow white... ate a bad apple I sneeze (achoo!) vomit on the track spiteful Flow so mean call it grumpy with a rifle Neva played with dope because the hood taught me not to I'm on point like that guard name Jennings Takin over courts like my last name Spalding I cross over, last name Kirkland And still up in the game so it's hurtin me! OW! It's that ichey enkey easy emey even if you replay It'll wait I'm a wait I'm a make us wait on the eastbay Betta ask yo dj in here I been hot Show me what you got I rock, I've popped, I rode I'm outta control Rappas know, trappers know I'm armed and dangerous Name some chicks that can hang with her The Best Female hip-hop artist That's what I'm claiming what No goals is right for her you can put ya lighters up I could go commercial then hop in the puddle mud Cause when they said I was bright I thought it was cause I'm light- skined They said I was sharp I thought it was cause my rough skin No lotion Roll like the ocean and I spits that hard of the board like I'm choking Off the dome I'm atrocious the fend to get me nauseous And then I gotta puke like a punk overdosing You are now overdosing on the dro that get ya open (You are now overdosing on the dro that get ya open) Wide. Like my eyes. I see past skies and I can read your mind if you lying. Where you lying all day, In your bed all day, I be grinding all day, on my J.O.B. I might be young but I don't play I got them rounds just in case Did you heard what I say? I got them rounds just in case And I will use your body in place of my body when I go your body might smell like the body I melt these tracks like fire do wax All the slow people ask what's fire do wax? Like FIRE DO WAXXXXXXX... haha That slow enough for you?... good Cause now I'm a turn it up ad I should Think you can hang with me If you could You've been a burning up for your hood My hood show me what's good Hood told me to hop on this and I would You could play syke I might now we should Sights these mics and we can be good My sistas soilders is good in the hood in the wood Rised by wolves Sorry for the chicks who think they could Test my skills like teachers could have Should have, would I wish you would I been across borders kids love me like Carter brougt it Mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters Second cousins, same cousins bought that albums gangsta lovin' Voice of the young at here for nothin But why is you pushing my button? Ya'll can play you I'm a, play you too, I'm a own home stations gonna play these fools when I, Does what I do On this track act a fool I'm like a acro back to school What's a acro back to school I'm like a ACROBAT back t school I'm in the booth doin' what I do Ya dig of the dome and I spit so true O so real and come that's how I got this deal I'm for real, I done left the pen alone Off the dome the dommie dome People call me dommie home Cause my dome is home and Roll like "Wooooowoooo! " [OUTRO:] Yea I got a confession to make I was hanging out with Lil' Wayne the other day, And we went to the Carter factory. I must admit there is such thing as edible rappers. They be rappin' and dancin'. And we just eat them alive. I can't wait to go back to the carter factory. Maybe he'll pass it over to me like Willie Wonker did Charlie. Hahaha. You feel me? LET'S GO!