Definition (Lil Mama)

Do i even need one definition, one word, to stop ya, just look ova', cause i got snoop on the cell, he can make you a rebel. if you want it, j-j just if you want it. Listen, listen up yall', you hear her, hear my gal, she don't need no defenition fo' ya', she just come and put it on ya'. lil' mama, she made it h-hot, REMIX, hold it up, she know the way, she know the game, she just d-d-d-on't wanna play. Even if i gave you a definition, you couldn't handel it, you couldn't rhym it, i want you ova' here, don't fight me, just don't fight me lets break it down, real slow, make you mine, slap that behind, you even hear the way, of lil mama, i don't think so, just don't think so, she lookin' for a man to treat her right, you him, you you him? NO! I'm him, i-i'm him, haha haha, lil mama listen to me snoop, i don't wanna put it on ya', i guess i just don't like ya', ahh well, another re-take i messed it up! ahh well! oops i said it again! look lil' mama, imma put it on ya, the defenition of me plus you, what could it be, so hard for me to see, i just know i can't rhym, but, b-but, i need ya' i could pleese ya' WHAT?