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Greed (Green William Clark)

I'm jumping in, can't you tell I'm going to find my dreams at the bottom of the well The hole is deep, the water feels cold I break through the ice, push away the snow Down at the bottom there's a penny for my name It's going to take this life, take away the pain Underneath the surface you can't hear a sound I reached for a quarter and I damn near drown I came back up, I gasped for air What the hell was I thinking, I was almost there Two deep breaths, here we go again This is where it starts, this is where it all ends Down at the bottom there it is You ruined my life you son of a bitch If I had a nickel for every rock I turned Every friend I lost, every bridge I burned I'm going to pick you up and out of this well I'm going to take this life and give you hell That's how it ends, how the story goes Selfish greed nearly took my soul I gave it all up for million dollar checks I wanted more but forgot the rest