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Break the silence (Highland Glory)

Breathe - as I find myself in deep despair Only trying to stand up from the ground Fear - is taking a hold on me Bring me to my suppressed and locked up dreams Stand up - I mut convince that I´m not insane That this world on the other side is real Pain - I iwll tolerate and not give up When my challenge is over I am God He has been poisoned with nothing but lies And one day it may be too late Break the silence Wake from the illusion That you will be greater than God Find the reason of life Or else you may find the way That will lead you to nothing but death I´m king - you will see that I am not insane I will prove to the world, one day you´ll see Believe - in the kingdom that is soon to come All believers will live the rest must die I tried to talk to him, he wouldn´t listen Is there a chance for this soul?