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Mindgame Masquerade (Highland Glory)

Falling into the greatest temptation of me Oh no I never invited them in To take a hold of my soul, oh no When I am waiting for me to be mortal I have a lot of sins to repent I can't wait for the afterlife to take me by the neck And into the forsaken places I have never been As I float into the underworld, my face must not be seen As I'm living this mind game masquerade As I'm living this mind game masquerade Spitting me in the face, you bastards! You will regret if I never provoked you to Be anything that you are, oh no Oh no, I'm laughing but inside I'm crying Is this the truth of my life, oh no? I can't wait for this day To end the things wont ever be the same Got my may into real life Behind my mask lies fear I am living this mind game masquerade