He's Moving On (Smoke Fairies)

Airmail letter from you Came through my door like it already knew That I'd been thinking of you Just the night before under a january moon He's moving on He's moving on Like the trains in the night That run through these hills Begging me to come But for now I'm just sitting tight Last night a billion stars Flooded the sky when I walked back from the bar I said I could be anywhere If I let my mind wander While staring up there Winter is strange The way it keeps you guessing If you'll be alright But he's moving on He's moving on And it's true I'm stuck here tonight Someone went and knocked down The house where dad grew up To build a new part of town He used to play in the creek Now it's where you park your car When there's no space in the street We all move on Just 'cause we have to But we still get sad 'Cause we don't belong Only in part To the memories of good times we had