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Comin' Up (Natural)

All my life I tried to do things my way Didn't matter if it's wrong or night Chasing dreams we were racing toward the light Runnin' strong on the open high way Drop the top on a friday night The radio plays the sound track to my life We were young So afraid of what we might become Tryin' to find where it is that we belong Comin' up...livin' life my way Up...workin' each day Step by step reachin' for a dream It hurts so bad it'll make you scream Comin' up Lonely nights seem to take forever Another city like the one befor It's crazy livin' but we just keep wanting more Everyday brings a new horizon Another mountain that we have to climb On the stage we can leave it all behind Here we are Caught up in the star maker machine On the run tryin' hard to live our dream Comin' up...gonna make it all pay off in every way If you give in then your outta luck Just don't look back and you'll find Yourself comin' up