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How She Makes Me Feel (Natural)

Could it be tha way she yastes That puts me in a higher place The smile on my face when I'm around her...? Her scent that hypnotizes me My center of reality She is everything and more My hear has never been so sure Through her eyes she makes me see My center of reality I can't be without her My life is about her How she makes me feel The angel that guides me The fire inside me She's like a dream surreal Everyday,another way of How she makes me feel Everyday I fight the fight She somehow always makes it right She saves me from the crazy life Of runnin' round runnin' round I've been through every open door But it just makes me want her more It's easy to see She can find the best in me I lay here beside her at night And I feel her inside every world that I write to tell her... She walks in the room just her look makes My heart starts to pound I start to tremble She speaks to me without a sound As she gets nearer,my future seems clearer Somehow She gives me nothing to fear