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Let Me Just Fly (Natural)

Can't fight the feeling,it's time for truth or dare now Because the fire is growing All lines are open,it's time to check it out now I don't care where I'll be going I'll never give in,I still belive in life is something special No holding back and...I'll take my chances My piece of mind is somewhere out there No more waiting...gonna spread my wings Let me just fly So high off the ground Let me just fly Cause you can't hold me down The voices tell me,do what you think is right now I feel the temperature rising My heart can hear it a three-dimensional sound On the distant horizon Things I don't know,outside my window I want to see them clearly I'll leave the light on,I don't know how long I'll be much faster... Who's to know when I'll be back to see you again Yeah cause I'll never turn away From the promises I made inside Yeah even when the skies are grey I just take a leep of faith and fly