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Now Or Never (Natural)

I recall Back when we were 8 years old We'd close our eyes Dream about the places we'd go You and me Built castles in the sand We were the king and gueen And we had the perfect plan I woke up last night Couldn't get it out of my mind The things we dreamt Just about a thousand times We gotta' live our lives And fate will take us there We gotta' head out on the highway With no fear It's now or never We can make it on our own All I see is you and me We can take our dreams and go And I remember All the things that helped us grow I just know that this is now or never It's the perfect time to go So we turn And head out on the open road We left everything That we used to call our home We want the perfect world And we'll find it out there 'Cause the sun is always shining Somewhere So leave the past And don't look back We'll never be the same And for all time With your hand in mine We'll make it through the rain