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All The Live Long Day (Cheryl Wheeler)

The sun is shinin', makin' this room so bright And the cats are sleepin', right up on the table, Breakin' all the rules in plain sight. There's a cloud colored moon floatin' in the blue Not waitin' for the sun to go away I just wish I could walk with you and talk with you All the live long day We never really had a winter, it never came and now it's gone And the days grow longer, like the late night road Like the odds you'll come back home But I don't mind wasting my time Waitin' for the ache to go away I don't mind telling you it's what I do All the live long day All the live long day, I wonder what I'll do I don't see no way, of getting over you The boys were in the back field, sortin' out the who and when It's like cat graffiti, but they read it with their nose And it's written from the other end Though James takes it in with a different spin He likes to read the Sniff and Spray It's just them and me, and my ennui All the live long day I was watchin' the sunset, wishin' you were watchin' too Through the winter branches, Drop jaw red, Maxfield parrish blue Then a windy night with the stars so bright The trees just bow and sway I been close to blue and missing you All the live long day