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Blessed (Cheryl Wheeler)

Dancing in our rooms, you knew all the moves Thinkin of Mom in saddle shoes, it was amazing Laughing family, long Monopoly Sunday night TV, Adam and Hop Sing We were as blessed as blessed can be You and Mom and Dad and me Singin' in 4 part harmony “I Love To Tell The Story” Me and my guitar, softball in the yard Breezeway playin' cards with half of the neighborhood Their crazy bridge club nights, Sunday back road drives Running for our lives down into Rhode's woods And it seemed like something just this side of heaven Comin' from the AM radio And it felt like it would just go on forever Singin “Long Time Man” and “Pretty Peggy-o” Now we're old and gray, mem'ries fade away These are here to stay, that is out blessing “I love to tell the story 'Twill be my theme in glory To tell the old, old story Of Jesus and his love”