Filistata (Stolen Babies)

Crawling all over, behind ears and behind words When you are alone and youre not one of the boys and girls You fall out of your web, dancing on a crooked ledge Youre falling of the edge Is someone going to end up dead? There is no cure I am my only curse No way (Im sure) to get this spell reversed The Filistata crawling all over my head Its like I always caught up, safe in the messiest of webs But when it falls out (and like my mind falls out of me) Its hard to get back in Its hard to regain sanity Up on a cliff doing the dance What happens if I lose balance? Constantly creeping away from people and from noise While everyones sleeping Im scared to death Its not my choice Theres a web inside me, behind my eyes, it pounds and pounds There sits Filistata Its growing there but makes no sound There is no pain Just hate and empty tears Blind, hollow eyes and webs over the ears And in the end will I have wasted years?