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Mousefood (Stolen Babies)

The sun is gone (the mouse closes his eyes) The trail is shiny (leading up to the prize) We take what we can (take what we can) We will take it all The roots are buried underground We will not starve before the mouse Somebody said (never take the whole thing) But greed is mighty (we can take the whole thing) And since we're down here (since we're down here) We will take it all We're far beneath the flowers The gatherers and hunters The instinct to take everything Why not stay down here And watch him starve We won't leave it but we don't want it (none for the mouse) Climb down When he wakes he will find Nothing for the, nothing for the mouse One dies, one prospers, we play Mourn the mouse We leak into the whole (hair will poison your cache like a cavity) Winner takes hoards Shove it down