Ace Hood Flow (Skepta)

I've been keeping my ear to the streets The UK run out of ideas Everybody doing covers of American beats If it ain't the Ace Hood 'hustle hard' flow Then it all sounds like Rick Ross to me This is the shit I'm supposed to respect? Fuck that nigga SMD P A U S to the E Dunno who you're pretending to be I don't care what gun you bang I don't care what drug you sell Fuck you man Because I got a manager, a DJ 7 MC's and five producers on my label So before you start eating food in the game Better bring something to the table Too many man come in the game for two minutes Shoot two videos, spit two lyrics Now all of a sudden their names getting mentioned In the same sentence as mine by the critics What has this world come to Man better control Z and undo But all thanks to the love and support I'm gassed up standing out the sun roof And I'm screaming BBK BBK None of them flex like BBK And if I ever see your girl on the street Then I'm a get arrested for TDA Cause she knows I do it and it's real And I don't give a shit who's got a deal Cause if the game was a tray full of ice cubes I'm the coldest and the hardest still They thought the "All over The House" video would crush me Last week I did five shows in five different countries The supports have still got love for me Middle finger to the media Hypocrites can't touch me I'll be in Dubai eating in Nobu Word to Dumi and T this food tastes lovely I walk from White Hart lane to the flats opposite Tottenham police station Payed subs to go on the radio station Left radio jumped on the train to Leytonstone Linked Murkle Man to make some more grime in the basement Lemme show you bout dedication Suffering from Underdog Psychosis tryna stay alive Riding around on a bike Blade long enough to go to jail for, more dots on me than a dice The olders had the chips and the big macs But didn't wanna let me have a bite So it was just me, my cats and the foxes roaming the streets at night Felt like I was wasting life Put down the cling film and picked up the mic For one whole year never got music money or money off white But I know that Rome weren't built in a day Looked at he end of the tunnel and saw light Now me and JME, top 30, back to back on the iTunes site, mental [Hook]